Huge Spiritwear Sale!

Please contact your team manager to place order. Quantities Limited!

Hats and Scarfs
Scarves ($5), Knit Hats ($9), Headbands ($8), Fleece Hats ($5)
Heavy Bags ($8)
Heavy Bags ($8)
Thin Bags ($5)
Thin Bags ($5)
License Plate Frames ($2), Magnets ($3)
License Plate Frames ($2), Magnets ($3)
Adult Large Hoodies ($15)
Adult Large Hoodies ($15)
Additional items not pictured Shorts (new style), YM/YL/YXL AS/AM/AL - $17 Shorts (old style), YS/YM/YL - $5 Socks (new style), S/M - $8 Socks (old style), S/M/L - $3 Practice T-Shirts (various colors) - $3 Balls (size 4/5) - $5 Water Bottles - $2
Additional items not pictured
Shorts (new style), YL/YXL AS/AM/AL – $17
Shorts (old style), YS/YM/YL – $5
Socks (old style), S/M/L – $3
Practice T-Shirts (various colors) – $3
Balls (size 4/5) – $5
Water Bottles – $2

Reporting Scores

Team managers need to report the score of every game (home or away) on he OHTSL website by 9:00pm the day of the game.
If you forget your login information or never had a login for the site, follow the steps below to report your scores. Let me know if you have any problems.
Go to the following website.
Click on the Admin tab
Click on login
Click on forgot login/password and enter the email address you submitted on your child’s registration. Your will be sent login info
Once you have that, Click on the league tab, enter score tab and enter your score
When you look at the standing on the website, the score the home team enters is the score you will see. If the score does not match what you reported, send me an email so I can get it corrected.
Good Luck this Fall,
Rocky Bennardo

Fall 2015 Referee Fees

You will be receiving your referee fee check either in the mail or when you pick-up your team manager books.

If you do not receive by Friday’s Email please let Jim O’Loughlin know via email.

As most of you know the Home team is responsible for paying the Referee.  Make sure you pay the ref before the start of the game, just so neither of you forgot after the game.

The Ref fees by division are as follows:

  • U09 & U10 $30.00 per game
  • U11 & U12 $36.00 per game
  • U13 and U14  (except in division #1) $42.00 per game
  • U13 and U14 in division #1 will have 3 refs,  the center ref gets $40 and each assistant ref (there will be 2) receives $22 each.

For those of you that are new team managers, a good tip is  to keep the fees organized, is to put money in a separate envelopes for each Home.  That way you are not scrambling for change on game day. The refs will not be able to make change so this is where the prefilled envelopes with the correct change will come in handy.


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